IntelliStore Head office

Centralised control of IntelliStore Back Office across all your branches.

Non-sales transaction analysis

View your store's non-sales transaction analysis giving you access to information such as voids and open cash drawers.

View sales activity at Retail Group level

Access all sales activity across your retail group providing reports to show the required data that you need to run and maintain a successful business.

Real time price adjustment

Real-time price adjustment allows corrections to prices to be maintained and delivered centrally. Errors can be updated quickly and minimise losses.

Dashboard reports

Access and view dashboard reports through store hierarchy and drill-down to specific items within the store or across the hierarchy.

Manage and configure promotion by retail group

Manage and configure promotion by retail group

View customer account at Retail Group

Customer accounts across the retail group can be viewed within head office to enable accounts to be maintained centrally.

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Send promotional fuel offers to multiple sites

Control fuel offers from Head office and sends to multiple stores across your retail group.

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Access to all back office reports at retail group level

Full access to all back office reports at retail group level allowing you to drill down to each individual store to give you complete insight into the working of your multisite operation.

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Centrally create templates for store labels

Centrally create templates for store label and then send to stores.

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Push prices to multiple sites

Store profiles can be maintained centrally, each store can be allocated as price structure and updated from the head office, All stores with that profile will be updated with new prices at the same time. This allows you to save a vast amount of time over manually updating each store.