Scan & Go

Meet and exceed the expanding expectations of your customers by saving the most precious possession they have: their time.

Four Benefits Of Scan & Go

Scan & Go provides four key benefits.

  • 1. Customers who use it save time

Every day, more and more shoppers are choosing to make queuing a thing of the past by switching to scan and go solutions. Few will ever go back. With our Scan & Go solution, your customers can skip queuing by using their phones to scan and pay for their items.

  • 2. Customers who don't use it save time

Scan & Go users will make shopping more convenient not just for themselves, but others as well. The queues will be shorter for customers who choose the more conventional shopping experience.

  • 3. The staff saves time

The staff will have more time for tasks to serve customers better. By not having to spend time on scanning items for customers using Scan & Go, they are able to provide better service to the customers that value more human interaction in their shopping experience.

  • 4. The store saves space

Our Scan & Go app effectively puts the till in the customer’s pocket, freeing up floor space previously occupied by checkouts.

Four Step Customer Journey

We provide a white label app tailored for our customer, so they can provide a convenient to use service to their customers. There are four simple steps:

1. Download the Scan & Go app.

2. Add items to your basket by scanning them.

3. Track your spending.

4. No need to unpack the basket on a checkout – you only need to pay on the phone and that's it.

Theft Prevention

Customers register in the app by identifying themselves with their name and their payment information. Because there is no anonymity, the barrier to stealing becomes higher. In addition, we provide robust tools to help prevent theft.

Random Checks

If a customer's basket is selected for a random check, the app prompts them to go through the staff for a verification.

Exit Pass

Requires the customer to show a QR code on their way out. If the staff is suspicious they can scan the QR code and check that the purchases in the app match the items picked from the store.

Age Restrictions

Age restricted items are required to go through staff or be verified with Yoti, a popular app for digital identification.