Online Grocery Shopping

Allows you to accept online orders from your customers - either delivered to their door or they can collect from your stores. Get the best of all worlds: Connect click-and-collect or click-and-order with brick-and-mortar.

Online Grocery Shopping has it's own dedicated website -

Connect click-and-collect or click-and-order with brick-and-mortar to get the best of all worlds.

Eloyalty Online Grocery Shopping is a comprehensive and completely customizable online shopping package that is fully integrated with the Intellistore suite. This saves money and time compared to standalone ecommerce solutions by eliminating hassles such as duplicate data entry and stock disrepancies. Sales are automatically synchronized, and you can take advantage of all Intellistore functionalities. Anything that can be configured for manual tills, such as loyalty schemes, can be configured for the online store. We also enable integration with Brandbank to help ensure that information such as allergen labelling is automatically kept up to date.

How it works: Back office

Upload the entire product range or a certain subset of products to be offered online.

Make certain products available at certain times and on certain days.

Availability of all products on an order is audited - if a product is not available, a substitute can be offered to the customer without extra cost

Click & Collect and Click & Order

Simply select which stores offer click-and-collect and home delivery. You can optimize the timing and number of delivery and collection slots according to each store's resources alongside fine-tuning which locations the stores deliver to. Our solution also makes it easy to accept orders over phone.

How it works: Staff

The companion Android app makes it easy for staff to pick up orders (with paper fallback).

Delivery drivers can view their routes and receive reminders about Age Restricted products through the app for drivers