IntelliStore Back Office

Our solution to run the store - ordering, cash management, sales reporting and much more.


Promotions available at tills are controlled and configured within the back office to run your own promotions and warehouse promotion within your store or across a chain of store. Once set up this can be easily sent down to all tills with one click. The promotion module can be configured to run any promotion that you can think off. Promotions can be viewed , amended and revoked at any point.

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Shelf Edge Labels

Stores producing Shelf Edge Labels (SEL’s) either from data on the back office system relating to product updates or from data captured on the Hand Held device using the back office printer this solution offers functionality to efficiently produce Shelf Edge Labels to make sure your store maximises profit and is legally compliant automatically once the store has been updated the tills are updated once complete to make sure pricing matches correctly.

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Back office Risk restrictions for till

Back office Risk restrictions for till allow you to keep control of options on the till to minimise risk and protect your profit. These setting can be applied store wide or to individual cashiers such as new employees and experienced employees to minimise losses.

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Store Communication

Store Communication enable you to display alerts , share information , provide update and prompts to your cashier to reminded them of up-selling opportunities , age check alerts for age restricted product making sure you maximise each customer interaction and maintaining compliance and legal requirements across the store.

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Cash Management

All aspect of a store's cash management process can be run and maintained automatically via Intellistore cash management system

  • Declare floats

  • Till Lift

  • Count Cash

  • Cash to Safe

  • ATM cash to safe

  • ATM cash to tills

  • Run Sales reconciliation report

  • Agree overs and unders

  • Post to accounts (Purchase Ledger)

  • The proposed solution should provide, but not be limited to, the following functionality:

  • Reconcile tills by shift daily

  • Manage floats

  • Flexibility to operate tills by cash drawer or cashier

  • Export data/produce reconciliation reports for entry into various accounts packages and spreadsheets

  • Provide visibility of cash held in the safe

  • Provide visibility of recent banking activity

  • The system should provide robust cash management functionality that supports all cash and banking activity within the store.

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Purchase orders and deliveries

Purchase orders and deliveries can be maintained from the back office and the HHT terminal to make receiving of orders and invoices accurate and efficient as possible. Track deliveries store invoice and match invoices as they are received.

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Handheld ( HHT) / Mobile Device Functionality

Stores use a variety of Hand Held devices, with a number of stores using a Piccolink device.
These devices currently perform, but are not limited to, the following functions:-

Product checks
Stock Adjustments
Shelf Edge label creation
Perform stocktakes and stock transfers
Create stock orders
Perform price checks
Manage Waste

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Fuel Management

Fuel Management module keeps track of all wet stock within your fuel site, Monitoring fuel levels and alerting you when more stock is required. Maintaining full pump control from your cashier screens, Pump authorization , ANPR drive-off solution whilst still functioning as a fully working till for instore purchases. All information can be access onscreen or printed when you need it using the reports built in.

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Stock Adjustments

The solution conforms to UK/ROI accounting,GAAP policy in relation to stock costs and unrealised/realised value. This provides you with the tools to track all stock within a store and monitor there movements and whereabouts at all times reducing wastage & fraud and minimising losses to you bottom line.

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Retailers that are fully responsible for VAT in their stores the system will assist with Maintaining and making customisations to any VAT rate they wish on their store product file and also list locally supplied product lines including the VAT rates.
Retailers can then produce their VAT returns from the Sales & VAT information gathered on the EPOS to produce fully compliant VAT date for HMRC.

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Inventory management

Inventory management is a powerful tool that makes stock control and stock management a simple process automating many processes that used to need to be done manually freeing up hours for your to complete other tasks. This module also simplifies stock takes and maintains records automatically and presents this information on a simple report when you need it.

Sales reports

Store Reports are what make a real difference these can tell you anything from best seller or worse sellers within the store so you know what you need to buy more off and what you don’t need to buy again. This enables you to reduce wastage and maximise your profits across the store. Learn More

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Tender management

Tender management will allow you to control tender options available within your store and can be configured on a store by store basis. There are a number of tenders already integrated with IntelliStore making set up and removal configurable with a few clicks.

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The solution allows for a system generated invoice, created once deliveries are confirmed, This is then posted to the Purchase Ledger on the Back Office.For stores that receive deliveries from local suppliers, the solution provides functionality to key
invoices directly onto the back office.

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Orders and Replenishment

This will allow the store to be maintained and make sure the shelves have not gaps and maintain stores stock level to maximise profits by having the correct stock at the correct time.

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Receipt Maintenance

Receipt Maintenance makes completing customer receipt amendments simple and highly configurable enabling new promotions to be displayed and scanned at the tills and changed regularly as and when required.

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Stock Product Search

Stock product search makes finding, editing, removal and adding new products to your system simple with just a few clicks this information is updated , saved and updated at the tills allowing the products to be sold straight away by your cashiers.

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Stock Maintainance

Store price files can be updated remotely once received this will automatically production of shelf edge labels have been placed in the store marking this prices as live on the back office the tills will be updated automatically with new prices for the cashiers to use automatically.

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Back office Reporting

As well as the systems sales reports back office reporting allows you to see all KPI Information relevant to stores this can be displayed in a graphical method to give you a clear overview with a quick glance of your business.Role-based authority and drill down functionality giving reports at store level and retail group hierarchy. These reports can be generated in real time and exported in a number of formats Spreadsheet , CSV , PDF or Printed. Options to restrict printing of reports that hold no information to reduce paper wastage can also be selected.

Product Maintenance

Product maintenance will allow you to reduce the time required to update product across your store in a fraction of the time it used to. Control a multitude of options to update product and update product information automatically at the tills and produce shelf edge labels to update the store automatically.

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Stock Transfers

Stock Transfers allows you to move stock between your stores and keep track of stock that is in transit and confirmation of delivery once received and added to stock at the receiving store. You are able to automate the process freeing you and your staff to complete other tasks sooner.

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