IntelliStore Till

Designed for supermarkets and convenience stores

Easy to use

You can be trained in under 5 minutes.

Everything is clearly laid out where you'd expect it to be. IntelliStore even prompts where necessary, to make your job easier.

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Grocery and FMCG only

IntelliStore only works in grocery environments - not fashion stores or any other non food shops. Its designed for the very specific requirements of convenience stores, supermarkets and petrol stations.

Running in thousands of tills across Europe, IntelliStore manages over £1 billion of sales every year.

IntelliStore is rock solid, dependable, and constantly kept up to date with the latest trends.

IntelliStore is fast

IntelliStore is one of the fastest, if not THE fastest scanning systems in the grocery epos market place.

Grocers know their epos needs to be extremely fast to handle their peak trading times - and IntelliStore delivers due to its performance optimised .NET compiled code running on every till.

You can use almost all of the hardware scanners available in the market place, but we know which ones respond better than others - so we'll be able to help you.

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A great experience

IntelliStore uses a touch screen, with clear high quality images making it a dream for your staff to use.

You can configure the look and feel of IntelliStore to make each of your brands look custom, whilst keeping the same functionality across all of your stores.

Customer facing screens can display advertisements and offers available in store.

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Credit and debit cards

You can accept all major credit and debit cards, including contactless cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. Authorisations are lightening fast - absolutely essential for Grocery retailing.

You can choose from a wide range of hardware and 3rd party EFT software suppliers; IntelliStore works with most of the main suppliers.

The system is fully integrated, meaning you don't have to key amounts into the terminal. This makes cashing up a lot easier.

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Weighed items

You can sell loose weighed products at the till.

Just pop them on the scale, and choose the product from the lookup screen thats easy to use.

IntelliStore is authorised by HM Weights and Measures in the UK, and works with most major scale manufacturers.

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Cash (+ multi currency)

IntelliStore suggests change amounts for you, making it really easy for your staff.

The cashing up software built into IntelliStore gives you full control of where all the cash is in the building, from the safe to each individual till.

You can accept change in other currencies, and even give out change in different currencies if you wish.

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Advertise to your customers

You can easily add videos and images to the customer display, allowing you to advertise promotions, new offers - anything you can think of.

Some IntelliStore customers use it to advertise local community events.

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Integrated Fuel POS

If you run a forecourt, IntelliStore makes it easy. Full wet stock management, as well as complete integration from every till.

You can authorise pumps from the till, even whilst in the middle of another transaction.

IntelliStore works with the number 1 industry standard, DOMS, which means almost all pumps on the market are compatible.

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Integrated PayPoint

You can access all of paypoint's functions from every IntelliStore till.

All PayPoint services can be added to the customer basket with a tap of a button.

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Self Checkout

You can install self checkouts easily with IntelliStore. Our software runs on NCR Fastlane self checkouts, which is the number 1 self checkout system in the world today.

Your customers can use cash or credit cards at the self checkout, including contactless.

With over 100 IntelliStore Self Checkouts installed to date, in both large supermarkets and 2 lane convenience stores, it has all the functionality you'd expect from a self checkout.

Back Office on the POS

You can carry out your back office functions (like ordering, stock control and cash management amongst others) from every till, if you wish.

This is invaluable if you don't have a lot of space, or even only one member of staff. This enables you to manage every aspect of the store from one location.

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Mobile POS

IntelliStore Till can be used on Hand held terminals (HHTs) for queue busting.

Studies have proved this can speed up customers through your checkouts at busy times.

HHT Terminal from Denso allows the EPOS software on the device to be used for queue busting allowing the customer basket to be scanned while they wait to pay for their items this produces a barcoded receipt that only need to be scanned at the till by the cashier and then payment processed.

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IntelliStore includes a promotions engine, which is an extremely sophisticated bit of software that handles every kind of promotion and offer needed in Grocery stores.

The engine was first written 13 years ago, and has been extensively enhanced every year since.

Not one retailer has been able to dream up a promotion that IntelliStore cannot handle - thats how incredible the system is. No longer will you look at any other retailer, and wish your system could run the same promotions they're running - IntelliStore can handle them all.

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You can choose from a number of pre-loaded receipt layouts, which can also be easily customised to your requirements.

Your logo and header/footer details can be changed at any time.

You can disable receipt printing by default, and set the system to prompt you to ask the customer, "Do you wish a receipt?". Studies have shown the majority of customers throw their receipt away, so this can save paper and time at the till, allowing you to serve a queue more quickly.

You can even setup one printer across multiple tills, for example in a kiosk with a row of tills. This saves you money buying unnecessary printers whilst still being able to offer the customer a receipt if they want one.

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Selling lottery through your IntelliStore till means you don't need to have a seperate cash drawer just for lottery sales.

This makes both cashing up and lottery stock control a lot easier, and improves the service you give your customers.

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Age Check

You know the punishments are severe if you serve alcohol to anyone under age.

IntelliStore can handle this whole process for you in a number of different ways, depending on how strict you want to be.

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You can remove an item from the basket if the till operator makes a mistake, or void the whole transaction.

Obviously, everything is logged so you can see which operators did what, and you can optionally require supervisor authorisation.

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Refunding items is simple, and you can optionally choose a reason, as well as optionally require supervisor authorisation.

The barcode on the bottom of the receipt makes the whole process fully trackable, although you can choose to allow refunds without the original receipt.

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Everything you do on IntelliStore is logged, and requires a user with a unique login.

You can setup different levels of permissions, from completely open where all staff can do everything, right down to a fully locked down system where operators can only sell, requiring supervisor or manager authorisation for everything else.

Access to the till via entry of a user ID and password to give complete control over easier access to the system and prevent unauthorized transactions and access to sensitive data.

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Integrated PostPoint

You can access all of postpoint's functions from every IntelliStore till.

All Postpoint's services can be added to the customer basket with a tap of a button.

Integrated Payzone

You can access all of payzone's functions from every IntelliStore till.

All Payzone's services can be added to the customer basket with a tap of a button.

Loyalty / Members

The IntelliStore loyalty module is built into IntelliStore till, and is extremely sophisticated.

Issue your customers swipe cards or barcode tags, so they can record their purchases against their account. All you have to do is scan or swipe the card.

You can create promotions specifically for your loyal customers, and everything is recorded.

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Carrier bag charge

Most countries now require you to charge for carrier bags by law.

These sales can be simply recorded with a tap of the carrier bag button, or scanning the barcode on the bag if you have one.