Intellistore SCO

VME's self checkout solution.

Intellistore SCO has it's own dedicated website -

Small device

You can fit more in the area with the small devices

Remote attendant station

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Environmentally conscious

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Reuse your shopping bag to reduce cost

Reusing bags is an option, it can reduce your cost of shopping


Your staff or customers can use this

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Reducing the running cost by applying LED lights

LED lights reduces the running cost of the epos which will benefit you as a customer.

There is no need to run around and waste time when you can do it yourself

Comfortably and at your own phase you have the option to do your weigh in's at the same spot without running around and wasting valuable time.

Saves time because system accepts bulk notes

System accepting notes in bulk will help with saving time for the consumer.

Saving money by using less paper

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Smaller receipts less to carry

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Choose a colour to compliment the rest of the features

You have the option to choose a colour that compliments the rest of the shop's features.

Using less paper helps the environment

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Taking up less time because using coins in bulk

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