Join us and make a difference to retailing across the world

Who are we?

We are the leading provider of retail technology software to retail co-ops in the UK. With more than 30 years in the market, and with a presence in 70% of the UK’s food coops, we’ve established strong and sustainable customer relationships which allow us to partner with our retailer customers in every step of their journey.

Our entrepreneurial culture means that we are used to thinking big and adapting quickly, and with our ambitious plans for growth now is a great time to work at VME, helping us deliver on our mission to support cooperatives and other ethical retailers globally.

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Why work at VME?

We say ‘at’ not ‘for’ because VME Coop is a worker-owned and controlled cooperative. By joining us, you become your own boss, able to shape the future of our business and to share in profits.

That’s one of the reasons that makes joining VME different. It isn’t just a career opportunity where you become another number – it’s an open invitation to become a joint owner of the business alongside your colleagues without having to invest money. To grow in a place where your views don’t just count but they’re actively sought out, where you get to help shape what we do and to share in the profits with your colleagues

We’re building the future of retail

We’re sure you’ve seen some big changes in how retail technologies have evolved over the past few years, and this evolution is only set to continue as retail technology stretches far beyond its humble beginnings to become a core strategic cornerstone in today’s retail world. At VME Coop, however, we don’t just develop technology for technology’s sake instead we push ourselves to rethink how our work is delivered and how technology can be used as a force for positive change in a world where sustainability is imperative for us all.

Already recognized in the UK as a leading provider of retail technologies our focus on building new products that enable our customers to use the latest technologies (e.g., online and mobile presence, real-time data) in order to compete with the big-label supermarkets in an affordable way, no matter their size.

Now, with your help, we’re taking our products further - to more customers, in the UK, Europe, and beyond.

In it for the long haul

Building on VME’s 30+ years of experience and reputation for excellence in retail software development our workers took ownership of VME’s business in 2020 and has already secured new long-term contracts are now looking for people to join the team to help build on VME’s committed and long-standing customer base as a platform for continued growth.

If you’re looking for a long-term stable position with the ability to share in profits on top of your salary and sponsored training and mentoring then this should be of interest to you.

Be part of the decision making process

Since becoming a Co-op, VME has implemented the Sociocracy model. This means that every employee has the opportunity to be involved in the company’s decision-making. Not just once a year – every week.

The decision-making is done in what Sociocracy calls Circles, and members are democratically elected. That means that you could spend up to 20% of your monthly working hours on deciding on VME’s future in the areas you think you could help!

Benefit in the coop’s success

As a worker, you’ll also be a part-owner, which means sharing in available profits alongside your colleagues and having a voice in shaping our business. VME Coop is committed to those looking for a long term job and so for every month people are with us they receive ‘Labour Shares’ so that over time our workers are building their shareholding and so are effectively investing in themselves.

What’s more, you will earn more Labour Shares for every circle you are elected to – the more you’re involved with VME’s decision making, the more share you receive and so the more you can earn.

On top of Labour Shares, VME Coop has made a limited number of Investor Shares available for those driving our success in this early growth stage – these are only available for a limited period and like Labour Shares, Investor Shares will entitle you to a share in profits, but you can keep them if, for example, you retire or leave VME. In fact, many of our colleagues are using them as part of their retirement plans.

If you want to learn about VME Shares, and how you could benefit from them, click here.

Other benefits

On top of all that, we also offer:

  • Competitive Salary, which can be adjusted to your skillset.

  • Work from Home or any of our offices - we provide all the hardware you need to work from home or one of our offices (subject to Covid-19 regulations).

  • Paternal leave beyond what’s in the law.

  • Paid training (depending on the position)

  • Opportunity to grow in your role.